American Truck Simulator Players Will Visit Nebraska Next Week – INDIA

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As early as next week, players will be able to American truck simulator look at Nebraska. The long-awaited paid expansion will add a picturesque agricultural landscape with large and small cities.

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“Nebraska is far from a monotonous landscape. The DLC will showcase the state’s rich biodiversity across different biomes. The sandy hills, which resemble grassy dunes, provide a unique and picturesque setting. The Shortgrass Prairie, adorned with rolling hills and prominent mountains, promises a thrilling driving experience as you drive through its landscape.” Authors from the SCS Software studio in Prague are invited.

Nebraska will be home to iconic railroad depots, large and small, including the historic Oregon Trail, which played a key role in the westward expansion of the United States in the 1800s. Along the way there will be interesting sights with the opportunity to learn more information about this history.

In this region we also find almost 30 carefully designed truck stops. Each of them must contribute to the unique atmosphere of the state. During your journey, you will come across small and large truck beds suitable for refueling, vehicle maintenance and recreation.

The door to Nebraska opens on 5/16/2024. The price will be 11.99 euros. American Truck Simulator is available on PC with Czech subtitles. Arkansas and Missouri are still a work in progress.

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Source :Indian TV

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