Asus announced the ROG Ally X portable computer

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Asus on Thursday evening she announced a new portable PC that will thus be a continuation of last year’s ROG Ally, which is among Valve’s biggest Steam Deck competitors. The first details about the new device were reported by The Verge magazine, but we will see the full presentation no earlier than June 2 at Computex.

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The handheld is called ROG Ally X and, like the Steam Deck OLED, it is only an improved version of the original device, and not a full-fledged successor. The Ally X will still use the AMD Z1 Extreme chip and the same 120Hz LCD display with VRR support, and of course the Windows 11 operating system will remain. The big advantage of new equipment in any case will be a longer service life. We don’t know the exact figure yet, but the battery capacity is expected to be more than 40% larger.

We also don’t have the exact amount of RAM, but the storage capacity should be higher than the current 16GB. Also new is a longer M.2 slot, which changes from 2230 to the classic 2280, which is also used in desktop computers. The levers and other controls were then improved, and overall the device was supposed to be easier to repair. From an aesthetic point of view, the color will also change: instead of white, the handheld will be available in black.

Unlike the Steam Deck OLED, which de facto replaced the original model, but is a kind of premium version and the price tag will be higher than the first Ally, it will continue to be sold. ROG Ally X will hit the market in the second half of the year.

Asus does not hide the fact that in the meantime it is working on a full-fledged successor. But like Valve, he says it will come as soon as it makes sense. So we will have to wait for ROG Ally 2.

Source : Zing

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