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Dead Island 2 it paid off. Killing zombies in Los Angeles was difficult, but… Dambuster Studios they managed to put the game together and attract players from all over the world. As a result, he plunged into a zombie apocalypse. 7 million players. Together they killed 24 billion infected people.

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Dead Island 2 came out a year ago. with Czech subtitles and received several updates and two story additions: Haus and SoLA. Thanks to the success, the authors boasted good news for everyone who loves survival. Development doesn’t end there. They are preparing more content in Dambuster.

“2024 is off to a great start with the release of the second SoLA expansion and the arrival of Dead Island 2 on Steam. Your enthusiastic review means a lot to us and we are committed to continuing to support Dead Island 2 on all platforms.” the studio said.

“To all our killers: we read and appreciate all your comments and wishes for the future! We’ll be sharing some exciting and highly anticipated updates to the game in the coming months, so stay tuned for more content coming soon for Dead Island 2!” stocks.

What can we expect? The long-awaited may mean adding a mode New game plus, which will allow players to start a new game and carry over upgrades and weapons from the previous one. Previously there were speculations about survival mode Neighborhood Watch, in which we have to fight waves of zombies. According to Insider Gaming sources, this is de facto Tower Defense. Three players will have to defend the shelter for five days. During them, they will be attacked by huge hordes of zombies. Survivors must fight them off by collecting weapons, setting traps, and completing various tasks to obtain better equipment and tools. Over time, the enemies will become stronger. Fast and hectic gameplay awaits us.

You can play Dead Island 2 on PC (via Epic Games Store and Steam), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

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Source :Indian TV

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