The Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly offer 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

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The new console from Nintendo was finally officially confirmed a few days ago, we should see its unveiling this fiscal year, that is by the end of March 2025. However, in the meantime, various information emerges, sometimes incompatible with each other. But now we have a report that’s backed up not by any magazine or insider, but by a few fans on the Famiboards forum who have been keeping an eye on Nintendo and Nvidia shipments for months. In the data for March, which appeared on the site yesterday, we found the first truly interesting information.

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According to them, the “Switch 2” should contain 12 GB of RAM, which is 4 GB less than powerful consoles or PC handhelds, but 2 GB more than the Series S. Specifically, these should be two LPDDR5X modules 6 GB with a speed of 7500 Mbps. megatransfers per second. So this is faster memory than the Steam Deck (including the OLED version) or ROG Ally offers, and is on the same level as Legion Go.

The second piece of information is the storage, which should have a capacity of 256GB, which is four times more than the OLED Switch and eight times more than the original Switch. This assumes that this storage is UFS 3.1, which, although not the latest standard (we already have UFS 4.0), still provides high speed and is widely used in mobile devices. Read speed is 2100 MB/s and write speed is 1200 MB/s, the original Switch doesn’t even reach 100 MB/s for both. Granted, these are lower numbers than the fast NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs on Sony and Microsoft consoles, but it’s still a huge improvement.

Let me remind you that the console will almost certainly use the T239 chip from Nvidia, its graphics part is built on the Ampere architecture (RTX 30). So the device will support RT and DLSS scaling, but not image generation.

Source :Indian TV

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