Xbox isn’t done with layoffs, Hi-Fi Rush makers say they want small, compelling games soon after cancellation – INDIAN

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On Tuesday, news of the studio’s closure spread around the world. Arcane Austin, Tango Gameworks And Alpha games with dogs. More details have since surfaced online. Matt Booty’s statement caused confusion among journalists, gamers and developers. Just a day after the announcement, the head of Xbox Game Studios said that they wanted smaller games to give the company prestige and rewards.

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Buti told the staff ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, which included the closed studios. No one can understand why Microsoft got rid of Tango Gameworks. Japanese studio created Hi-Fi Rush. The rhythmic event was a pleasant surprise last year and was praised for its innovation and charm. Its art style was reminiscent of the hyper-stylized games of the PS2 era, and within just four months of its release, the game had surpassed three million players.

Microsoft never said how many units it sold. However, Xbox VP of Gaming Aaron Greenberg recently stated that Hi-Fi Rush is a breakthrough hit for them and their players across all key metrics and expectations.

Did Tango Gameworks want to go a different route and go back to survival horror when they created The Evil Within series? The answer is apparently no. According to Bloomberg preparing a sequel to Hi-Fi Rush and everyone in the studio was shocked to hear about the ending.

A shock was also experienced in Arkane Austin, where, in addition to fixing and improving Redfall (the game was supposed to receive an offline mode and DLC), they tried to submit a single-player project for approval. bring them back to the immersive simulator, that is, in the style of the successful Dishonored or Prey. Both teams wanted to hire new members to work on new projects.

Booty attributes the studio closures to the need to reallocate resources to more efficiently support fewer projects.. As such, they should be in a better position to invest in their game portfolio and new brands. Jill Braff, head of ZeniMax, emphasized the need to focus on fewer projects to ensure the division’s sustainability in the face of rapid growth and an ever-increasing workload.

There are rumors that Microsoft forced ZeniMax to merge, and ZeniMax decided to close the studios that were proposing new projects and trying to hire new employees.

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