Nintendo confirms existence of new console, will unveil it this fiscal year

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We’ve been waiting a long time, but after a lot of speculation and leaks, Nintendo has finally made an official decision. confirm the existence of a new console.

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This happened through a short message on Twitter, in which the president of the entire company, Shuntaro Furukawa, addressed the players. “We will make an announcement about the successor to the Nintendo Switch this fiscal year,” he said succinctly in his statement. He added that more than 9 years have passed since the announcement of the Switch in March 2015.

The announcement for this financial year means it should take place before the end of March 2025. In any case, the presentation will happen sometime in the summer, or more precisely in the fall of this year, as Furukawa confirmed in the already relatively traditional June Direct, but immediately after that he added that he will not appear on the console at all and will not be mentioned. The event is expected to focus exclusively on games coming to Switch in the second half of this year.

Let me remind you that the successor to the Switch (which we usually call Switch 2 for simplicity, but most likely it will be called something else) should bring SoC T239 from Nvidia with support for ray tracing and DLSS, the graphics chip is built on the Ampere 2020 architecture year (RTX 30). That being said, there is talk of an 8-inch LCD display (1080p quite possible). What will happen with the potential OLED version is still unclear.

Likewise, possible backward compatibility has been discussed for a long time. But according to Switch peripheral maker Mobapad, the console should be backwards compatible, both physically and digitally. In his report, he also talks about new joy-mines that should be attached to the console using a magnet.

As for the release, the device was initially supposed to arrive this year, but according to the latest data, it will not be released earlier than the first quarter (calendar) of 2025.

Source : Zing

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