Remedy shut down the Kestrel project just six months after its launch

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Last November, we brought you the news that Finnish studio Remedy had canceled its long-running Vanguard project, on which it had collaborated with Tencent. Its F2P multiplayer form was subsequently changed to a premium version, which began being created under the name Kestrel. Just a week ago, a financial report said it was still in development, but now Remedy has come with the rather surprising news that it is canceling the entire project.

“The decision to cancel Kestrel allows Remedy to focus on other games in its portfolio. Other game projects will receive experienced developers who will move from Kestrel,” the press release says. At the same time, the studio will save money and will not need to hire as many new employees.

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“Kestrel showed early potential, but the project was still in the early concept stages,” says company CEO Tero Virtala. He adds that other projects have already entered the next stages of development and the company wants to focus on them. He thanked the developers of Kestrel, who will now move forward, as well as Tencent, who took part in the development.

Current status of Remedy projects

In addition to supporting AW2, which will still receive two paid DLCs, Remedy currently has 3 projects in development. The furthest along so far is a project codenamed Condor, a multiplayer Control spin-off that began production at the end of March. Remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2, published by rights holder Rockstar, will also enter the same phase in the second quarter (until the end of June). Control 2, a full-fledged sequel to the 2019 game, is currently in the proof-of-concept stage.

As for both Control games, it is unclear who will publish them, as Remedy recently bought the rights to the brand from 505 Games, the publisher of the first game. Now the company must decide whether to look for a new partner or release the games on its own.

Source :Indian TV

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