Gray Zone Warfare has sold 500 thousand copies. There is a lot of interest in DLC – INDIAN

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Brno independent studio Madfinger Games celebrates the success of his event in first person War in the Gray Zoneshows sales, interest in additional content and promises more fixes and improvements.

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It sold out in four days on Steam Early Access. more than 500 thousand copies Basic games Gray Zone Warfare and 250 thousand DLC editions.

“This amazing achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of dedicated gamers, gaming media and influencers. Every article (positive or negative), review and mention has contributed to the success of Gray Zone Warfare, and for that we are deeply grateful.” say the developers in a press release.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we are well aware of what brought us here and what a difficult road we still have ahead of us. We are committed to delivering more content, listening to the player community, and continuing to push the boundaries of what Gray Zone Warfare has to offer.”

“There are only four days left in Early Access, so keep in mind that more fixes and updates are planned with additional features. We’ve just released our second update, full of fixes that address some issues, such as the ability to delete your character or change faction. to the next The third patch update is already being intensively worked on.. It’s scheduled to be released early next week!”

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Source :Indian TV

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