MotoGP 24 introduces a market of riders and stewards punishing your behavior – INDIAN

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Italian studio Milestone entered the market MotoGP 24. The latest chapter of the official MotoGP video game opens up the rider market. This is the fulfillment of one of the community’s most long-awaited wishes.

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Thanks to the driver market, drivers of all categories have the opportunity to change teams, including moving between classes. This way, players will see updated rosters every game season and every year there will be new exciting challenges and scenarios to complete. The possibilities are endless as both the AI ​​and players can choose to rotate teams throughout the season based on their performance on the track. In addition, the driver market introduces the dynamics of real negotiations, where the choice of AI-controlled competitors will be determined not only by the current values ​​of others on the grid, but also by calculating future prospects. For example, if a mid-table team produces consistently strong results indicating that it is on the rise, it may have a chance to sign a top driver despite not being an immediate title contender.

Importantly, the Racer Market complements the breakpoints, rivalries, and fictional social network introduced last year, creating a journey revolving around the performances and decisions of individual players. The racer market will follow and emphasize this philosophy; development of rivalries, as well as likes and replies on the fictional social network will be loaded with rumors about possible future transfers, which players will be able to follow through a special menu in career mode.

To further combine gameplay with real-life racing, MotoGP 24 also introduces stewards. They will supervise the racing and all scheduled training throughout the weekend. They will punish players and AI based on their behavior on the track. From a simple warning to fines for leaving the track and an order to let your opponent follow you in case of unfair overtaking, to erasing the qualifying time. Reckless driving will have an even greater impact on your competition with other drivers.

In addition, the Milestone studio has created a new adaptive difficulty system that will greatly help every player, from beginners to experts. Using the adaptive difficulty system, you can adjust the level of computer opponents to match your performance during races and qualifying runs. Complete special tasks in the MotoGP Academy and improve your riding skills with lessons. If you need extra support, turn on Neural Assist for cornering, braking and throttle assistance. With new features for players with disabilities such as reduced game speeds, different color palettes for colorblind players and one-handed controls, MotoGP™24 is a game for everyone.

In terms of multiplayer, LiveGP Championship (not on Switch) expands the multiplayer experience of MotoGP 24. It’s a new multiplayer mode designed for the most competitive players to push their limits, challenge others and prove they’re the best. During these monthly online tournaments, you will earn points and climb the special leaderboards. Will you be able to reach the top at the end of each month? It’s up to you.

Cross-play allows fans to compete against each other from day one, regardless of platform or console generation (not available on PC and Switch). Local 2-player split-screen offline is available for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam versions.

MotoGP 24 also unleashes the creativity of players with powerful graphics editors that allow you to create a unique look while conquering the tracks. Create your own race number, back patch, decals and helmet. You can easily share your creations with other users across platforms using cross-play available at launch (again, not on Switch) and download your favorite content.

Featuring all official 2024 riders and circuits in the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 categories as well as the FIM Enel MotoE World Championship, MotoGP 24 has launched on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. .

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Source :Indian TV

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