The Star Wars saga will dominate Fortnite in the coming days – INDIA

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About communication Fortnite Star Wars has happened many times in previous years, but perhaps never on such a large scale. To celebrate the official Star Wars Day, which falls on May 4th every year, there will be a themed event tomorrow, May 3, 2024. expansion of all currently relevant and supported parts of the game.

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The biggest charge awaits LEGO Fortnite, in which it will appear a new island where an Imperial Star Destroyer crashes. And where there is an Empire, there are Rebels, so in the risky part of Fortnite, you have the opportunity to help build a Rebel camp. The latter can reach level 10, and this level can be reached by completing various tasks, including constructing buildings or collecting resources. The new one can be useful not only for tasks equipment including a macro scope, crossbow, DL-44 blaster, E-11 blaster rifle, thermal detonator and, of course, a lightsaber.. You will definitely use Rebel Workbench during production.

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Source :Indian TV

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