Veterans of The Elder Scrolls series are looking forward to their new game

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Independent studio OnceLost Games has already presented The Wayward Realms in August 2021. This British team attracts attention mainly for its founders Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay, who were at the origins of The Elder Scrolls series. Both developers held key positions in the development of the first two parts, subtitled Arena and Daggerfall. It is with The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall that the authors themselves most compare their game, which has been in preparation for several years.

The Wayward Realms should become a full-fledged fantasy RPG, which, according to the developers, will combine the mechanics of the “old school” and the philosophy of classic role-playing games with modern technology in the form of Unreal Engine 5. Of course, there will also be a large open world and dialogue choices that should affect the direction of the story and the fate of individual characters.

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The studio will test its ambitious vision fill with crowdfunding. The sample above would also work for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We will know more details in May when the campaign launches. The game is currently only available for PC. You can now wishlist The Wayward Realms on Steam.

Source : Zing

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