Nintendo has cracked down on Garry’s Mod. The creators are sporting about it, but the community is suspicious – INDIAN

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Authors Harry’s Mod they have been busy since last night. They review 20 years of fan creation history and remove modifications associated with the brand. Nintendo from the Steam Workshop.

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According to the statement, they received a complaint from a Japanese company about digital content copyright infringement (DMCA for short). The creators from the Facepunch studio take this sportily, do not defend themselves and consider this to be quite fair. According to them, Nintendo has the right to decide whether its content will appear in other games and creations. Likewise, they don’t seem to mind that Nintendo is only now getting involved.

But it’s strange for the community that Nintendo’s lawyers spoke only today, when the physical sandbox Garry’s Mod has been around for so many years and offers a ton of Mario mods and other mental content from the Japanese corporation, including Splatoon. For this reason, they warn that this is not about fraud and the work of a DMCA-abusing troll. This is not the first time something like this has happened to Garry’s Mod. Not to mention other games.

At least, this suspicion prompted Facepunch management to launch their own investigation. “We have to take these things seriously (especially on Nintendo’s part), but we also can’t allow people to abuse the DMCA,” he said. he added Harry Newman on X this morning.

We still have to wait for the result of the investigation and the possible number of removed modifications. But when you search, you can easily find a bunch of Nintendo-related items in Garry’s Mod. There are more than 5,500 people searching for Mary, although the number has dropped slightly since last night.

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Source :Indian TV

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