Patch makes plagues rarer and characters less talkative in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – INDIAN

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Capcom continues to improve and fix Dragon’s Dogma 2. Today I released an update for all three versions of the game. The one on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S does not solve performance problems, but other things.

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The developers call this the most important change. mitigation of dragon plague, which attacks our spawns. The plague will become more rare. When someone gets infected, it will be visible. You can tell by the fact that he has glowing red eyes. For this reason, the ability to zoom in on Spawn’s face was added.

A healthy person is also less talkative. Characters in general should be smarter, fall off cliffs less often, and react more appropriately to on-screen situations. This also applies to strict rules in cities. You will no longer be arrested for fighting monsters.. Likewise, chests that have already been opened will disappear from the mini-map, and bugs/issues that could cause progress to freeze or missions to end abruptly have been fixed.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 came out a month ago. We wrote about the game in our review: “Dragon’s Dogma 2, more than anything else, is essentially a second attempt at the first game. The game takes all the ideas from the first part and tries to implement them again and better. In most cases, she succeeds. The emphasis on exploration and fun combat system (at least for most of the game) is a clear example of this. It’s just a shame that in some respects the company didn’t take this step further. After a while you start to notice repeated enemies, the combat system becomes somewhat monotonous, and of course the biggest problem is optimization. Regardless, it’s a stunning game that shouldn’t be missed by both fans of role-playing games and worlds where you can literally get lost.”

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Source :Indian TV

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