PlayStation 5 update improves system stability and assistance – INDIAN

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Sony engineers for PlayStation 5 They have prepared another update. The one labeled 03.24-09.20.00 is 1.187 GB in size and improves system software performance and stability, improves message visibility, and enhances the help system.

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Until now, only developers could create help in their games. Now users can do this themselves. Community Help are created from videos of supported games uploaded by other players. This makes the feature more useful.

Any adult user can create these community tips for supported games. Simply turn on auto-upload in your console settings: Settings > Snapshots & Broadcasts > Snapshots > Auto-capture > Community Game Help and select Join.

As you can see, Sony wants games to be free of major obstacles so that everyone can complete them. This goes hand in hand with the newly improved feature. Share screen. Players can use pointers and emoji reactions to interact with the host’s game. Viewers can move cursors, draw lines, or select emojis. This can help the session hosts, for example, solve a puzzle, defeat a boss, or find something.

If you are using the game via Remote playso now you can hide the message: Settings > System > Remote Play App and enable the Hide Remote Play App connection status option.

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Source :Indian TV

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