First update fixes possible issue in Stellar Blade and adds New Game+ – INDIAN

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PlayStation 5 Exclusive Star Blade is getting a preview update that changes one piece of wall art. Developers from the South Korean studio Shift Up are thus preventing a possible problem with racism.

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In the English version of Stellar Blade, you can find hard graffiti on the wall in many places. But in one case, the sign is placed next to the R Shop brand, which refers to Roxanne, one of the characters in the game. However, both things can resemble the racial slur “HARD R” next to each other, like this. Therefore, it was decided to replace the graffiti.

In addition, the update adds the promised New Game+ mode, so that after completing the story you can return to the beginning with your achievements. All your equipment, currency, items, character upgrades, drone upgrades or acquired skills are retained. In other words, your Eva will be just as strong in New Game+ as she was at the end of her previous playthrough. Thanks to this, you will be able to use special attacks and flash combos from the very beginning.

Yesterday we brought you a review of Stellar Blade. We wrote about the game: “Stellar Blade does a lot of things incredibly well, and it’s amazing that it’s Shift Up’s first big game. But this is reality. It’s a fun, action-packed, great-sounding, varied and creative RPG that’s a credit to its genre, its independent production and, most of all, its Korean developers. Of course, not everything is perfect and there will be mistakes. In the second act, some of these ideas are dropped, some sections go on perhaps unnecessarily long, and the story doesn’t have the impact at the end that the developers probably intended. However, this does not greatly interfere with the end use of the entire game.”

Stellar Blade releases tomorrow, April 26, 2024 on PS5.

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Source :Indian TV

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