GTA 5 should have received a story expansion with Trevor

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The fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series will soon mark 11 years since its release. However, even after such a long time since launch, interesting things appear from time to time. information about plans that were never implemented, which Rockstar had in the game. This group includes, for example, story expansions that contributed to the popularity of GTA Online’s multiplayer mode. After its commercial success, the studio management devoted all resources to developing new content for this still popular mode.

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According to an earlier leak, they were in development for GTA 5. at least three single-user extensions. While the first two were supposed to offer a zombie and alien theme, the third DLC was supposed to focus on Trevor. The contents of the third expansion were briefly explained by the character’s voice actor, Steve Ogg. In a joint stream with the voice actors of Franklin and Michael, he said that in this DLC Trevor was supposed to become an undercover agent in the FBI services. Regarding the base game’s hot-tempered character, he compared Ogg’s unconventional portrayal to James Bond.

Daber noted that some of the dialogue and content have already been recorded. But then Rockstar have completed preparations for this and the next two expansions. Players will never see the results. The studio is currently focused on finishing the sixth installment, which is scheduled to release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S next year.

Source :Indian TV

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