Kena: Apparently Bridge of Spirits will look at another platform

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Developers from the independent studio Ember Lab released the action-adventure game Ken: Bridge of Spirits in September 2021. The game was impressive with a detailed world, a complex combat system including boss battles, and visuals that were in no way inferior to the AAA production. The game has been available since its release on PC and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Recently awarded. rating of the American organization ESRB but this indicates that the game will likely be released on Xbox Series X/S soon.

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You can find detailed information about the game itself in our review of Ken: Bridge of Spirits. they rated it 9/10 and the following verdict: “The disarming beauty of the local world is ideally combined with the heartfelt narrative of the pilgrimage of a spiritual guide. An extraordinary audiovisual work that is uniquely stylized, but at the same time offers a very exciting gameplay, intended primarily for young players. Navigation can be a little annoying at times, and the main character can remain a little too mysterious, but these little things don’t change the uniqueness and strength of the overall experience.

Source :Indian TV

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