Elsa in unconventional Assassin’s Creed Hex can own a cat – INDIAN

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Assassin’s Creed Hex (working title) was revealed in 2022 at a large presentation where Ubisoft announced the preparation of various games in the series. We officially know that this should bring a different experience. This information has now been confirmed by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson. According to him, it will be Hex a more linear and darker adventure The action takes place in the 16th century in Central Europe.

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They say the main character’s name is Elsa and has supernatural powers. Henderson is said to have some early game footage. In them, Elsa is pursued by a group of German soldiers through the dark streets of the city. To get their attention, casts a spell to possess the nearest cat. From now on, he can control it and knocks over a glass bottle, which breaks on the ground.

This is combined with a dark atmosphere. fear system inspired by the Jack The Ripper expansion pack for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. In it, we, in the role of Jack the Ripper, terrorize the residents of London with brutal murders on the streets. When we add to this fear of witches and mass hunts for them (up to 80,000 suspected witches were executed in Europe in the 16th century), so the fear system makes sense in this case.

But it is too early for details and confirmation. In the coming weeks, Ubisoft should officially reveal Assassin’s Creed, tentatively titled Red, which will take us to feudal Japan. Assassin’s Creed Hexe will reportedly not be released until 2026 and will be included infinity platforma service that will connect all parts of the series.

Jack the Ripper in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
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