Steam has adjusted its refund policy

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Valve has decided to adjust the conditions under which Steam players will be given “refunds” for certain games. The changes will affect the so-called games with priority access. This category includes various premium, special or deluxe editions, which, in addition to other bonuses, sometimes also give their owners priority access to the game. Most often, thanks to this bonus, players can start playing a specific game within three days.

According to previous Steam rules, time spent in priority mode did not count towards the well. known two-hour limit, the implementation of which determines the approval or rejection of the refund request. However, with the new rules the situation is changing, so the period before the official release of the game will also be taken into account in the two-hour limit.

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Valve Statement on Changes to Terms: “Today we updated the section of our refund policy for games purchased prior to release date to apply to products offering Priority Access pre-orders, and stipulate that time spent on a Priority Access product counts towards the two-hour limit. “

Source : Zing

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