Impressions from the game Manor Lords

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Much has been written about Manor Lords strategy in recent weeks. How could it be otherwise, since this is one of the most anticipated games that can be found on Steam. Enough of the gameplay speculations, we now have a proper gameplay experience for you where you can learn more about the build, technical status as well as combat.

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In RTS Manor Lords you will have the opportunity to show your leadership skills.

The Manor Lords strategy from the very beginning makes the player the master or mistress of a newly created village that needs someone to show it the way. And why couldn’t it be a character you created? Building here works on the same principle as in most genre works, so from the very beginning you are trying to create chains of buildings connected to each other, allowing the space to grow and prosper. Much attention is paid to travel and, above all, to meeting the needs of the population related to food and safety.

Only passionate people can work effectively and move up the social ladder, and this is exactly what you definitely want. It is the growth of families that gives you the long-term opportunity to transform seemingly ordinary houses into decently functioning workshops capable of producing bows or other equipment needed for expansion. I really like the concept of more workable houses, as the player can’t just build a few production buildings, but is also forced to think about which family will take which plot, since you’re paying for it while moving regular people between jobs. for free.

But you certainly shouldn’t count on getting everything right from the very beginning. As is often the case in strategy games, in Manor Lords a lot depends on how happy you can make your people. When you provide the village with a market with all the necessary raw materials and, as a bonus for the villagers, build a church with a pub, you will be able to watch the houses grow as the seasons change, and with them the income of the entire village. a place that becomes the center of civilization, where it will have to reckon with the fact that it is sometimes subject to raids, diseases and the demands of other great men and women who determine the destinies of these medieval regions. You can have discussions with other leaders or, conversely, make demands on them, which can lead to various situations. But this element currently has only very clear contours, so struggle often arises.

When the author of Manor Lords recently said that this would definitely not be a Total War, he was essentially right. Collisions are a special thing here. So spontaneous fights with bandits are not so few, but when we talk about big battles, you shouldn’t count on them too much, because no one here has thousands on hand, and usually only hundreds, and you won’t be much better off for it , because this birth time is not very favorable, and if things go well, there is always a war or disease that can reduce the overpopulation of the population.

The battle format itself stands on a worthy foundation that meets the norms of this genre. In practice, this means that if a more serious encounter occurs, you can expect a beautiful battle full of fired arrows, shield walls, dying people and victors chasing the unlucky ones around the field. I can’t wait to see how the author develops this element in the coming months, because the shootouts already have a lot of potential despite the limited number of units.

The medieval strategy game Manor Lords definitely has potential.

Manor Lords is a highly detailed medieval manor management simulator that gives the player the opportunity to take control of a medieval village and gradually develop it into a respectable settlement with a high potential for survival in the coming decades. You can observe the construction of houses, the change of seasons, as well as the growth itself. Everything depends primarily on your construction decisions, which lead to the rise and fall of the entire group.

While playing, I felt like the creator gives you a lot of freedom in how you can play. Of course, there are time limits and various minor economic flaws, but overall I liked the build and it looked beautiful, which I personally think is quite important since I have no problem with strategies and spend hours watching how the unit I created works. I would also like to praise the optimization, which is at a brilliant level compared to other games currently entering early access. In all respects, Manor Lords enters this stage of development in decent shape, so hopefully its author will be able to remain strong and give us the most refined medieval title possible in the future.

Manor Lords will be available in Early Access starting April 26, 2024 on PC.

Source :Indian TV

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