Unreal Engine 5.4 offers performance improvements allowing games to run at 60 frames per second – INDIAN

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Epic Games continues to improve Unreal engine 5, which is increasingly chosen by developers for game development. But they often have problems achieving stable 60 frames per second. The new version of the engine should perform better in terms of performance and provide the same frequency on current hardware.

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Epic has improved shader compilation, which should finally save you from the tedious and long wait when you turn on the game for the first time on your PC. We really liked this in the previous generation. Another important point of Unreal Engine 5.4 is animation toolkit updates. Developers can now edit characters and create animations directly in the engine, simplifying workflows and eliminating the need for external applications.

Rendering has been improved Nanite. Epic has added adaptive tessellation to allow you to create incredibly detailed terrain without excessive processing power. They go hand in hand with this other effectsamong other things, to create realistic and dynamic smoke and clouds.

Last but not least, Unreal Engine 5.4 includes new tools for integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, a cache of derived data for users in distributed teams, and improved support for Linux and Vulkan.

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Source :Indian TV

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