Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series should be shelved

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A French insider with the nickname j0nathan, who has long provided various behind-the-scenes information about Ubisoft projects, recently published some hints about the upcoming seventh part of the Far Cry series. Now he has again attracted attention with another post on Twitter, where one user asked him about the future of the Watch Dogs brand. Jonathan decisively declared the series dead and buried from Ubisoft itself.

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The French publisher should have taken this step after failure of the last part with the subtitle Legion, released in 2020 and transporting players to a futuristic London. Despite the interesting setting, the game was met with mixed reactions, which, in addition to reviews, also affected sales.

The game’s lack of commercial success subsequently led to cancellation of upcoming battle royale game from the same university. So the future of the series is very uncertain at the moment. The upcoming film, which, according to information from a month ago, is now in question, is also being worked on by Ubisoft with the production company New Regency Productions.

Source : Zing

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