11bit had a down year due to The Invincible

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For Polish developers and publishers 11 bit studios 2023 was among the weakest. He attributes the drop in revenue and profits to competition in a market that has become oversupplied with previously shelved AAA games. This would have affected the sales of science fiction adventure games. Invincible and Thaumaturge, released this year in-house.

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It was Invincible’s relative sales failure that most likely drove year-on-year sales. sales decline by almost 30% on $12.9 million. The results of the game, along with the company’s rising costs, were reflected in the profit, which reached $129 thousand, which is 78% less than in 2022.

Invincible, whose budget analysts estimate at $4.2 million, was paid for in January of this year, the developers from Starward Industries fired up to half of the people due to the financial situation. 11-bit studios can at least rely on older games like Frostpunk and This War of Mine still making money.

11 bit has ambitious plans for 2024. In addition to The Thaumaturge, he will release four more games. This is the closest Indiawhich will arrive on May 2, is being prepared for July 25. Frostpunk 2. It will be released in a few weeks – probably in August. Alters and in the fall we will see the recently announced Ava’s creatures.

Source :Indian TV

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