Despite the film, Ubisoft is not counting on Watch Dogs – INDIAN hacker action

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First Watch dogs they took our breath away. The hacking action taking place on the streets of Chicago looked great on presentations. With a smartphone in his hands, Aiden Pearce was able to intercept calls, hack cameras and traffic lights. But when the game came out, it wasn’t all that amazing. Two years later we moved to San Francisco to enjoy the story of hacker Marcus Holloway among the young members of DedSec, but four years later we found ourselves in a futuristic and dystopian London where we could play as almost anyone.

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You could say that the developers have always been looking for ways to make Watch Dogs successful. Number two was able to fix number one’s mistakes and problems, and Watch Dogs Legion tried to please teenagers. If you were hoping for another try, unfortunately. According to a French insider xj0nathan Ubisoft had to cancel other projects after the commercial failure of Legion and put Watch Dogs on iceincluding a rather original Battle Royale event.

This information should be taken as a guess. If they turn out to be true, it won’t necessarily mean the end of the brand. When the developers have a good idea, they can return to Watch Dogs. This feature will be needed after moviewhich is created under the slogan of New Regency.

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Source :Indian TV

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