Helldivers 2 could be coming to Xbox in the future

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In February of this year, developers from the Arrowhead Game studio released Helldivers 2, which immediately became one of the most popular and best-selling games on PC and PlayStation 5. Although the studio itself continues to maintain its independence, the rights to the Helldivers brand belongs to Sony, who, from the position of publisher, supported the creation of both volumes published so far. Therefore, a possible launch on other console platforms seemed unlikely until now.

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However, according to Nick Baker of the XboxEra podcast, they are currently underway. talks about the possible release of the game on Xbox. The new head of PlayStation, Hiroki Totoki, who is more open to releasing games on multiple platforms, will play an important role in the decision. In the past, for example, it has supported the arrival of PlayStation exclusives on PC, which should have a positive impact on individual game sales.

But Baker adds that the release of Helldivers 2 on Xbox is definitely due to ongoing negotiations at this time. cannot be considered a completed transaction. However, according to the insider’s sources, it is clear that Sony is at least considering this move. Considering the game’s immense popularity, both Xbox gamers and Microsoft representatives certainly won’t object under certain conditions.

Source :Indian TV

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