Genuine Viking accessories from Konix will make your gaming setup unique.

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The Konix brand is known for its special accessories. They offer something for fans of sports, anime and other hobbies. But today we will present a slightly different set. Her name is Drakkar, the name of a Viking warship. This is evidenced by the logo itself, where the oars and silhouette of this iconic rowing boat are clearly visible. Therefore, from the very beginning it is clear that this will be a set thought out to the smallest detail.

The Drakkar range of accessories is divided into more traditional and original models. Here we can find classics in the form of mouse pads, mice themselves or even backpacks. These include a chair mat, a headphone stand or perhaps a laptop cooling pad and glasses for gamers.

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You can start with the classics in the form of mice. Available in Asgard, Shaman and Heimdall models. They all differ from each other in a number of aspects. Asgard is a wireless mouse with up to 10,000 resolution and weighs only 87 grams. His appearance is quite stellar, as befits an Asgardian.

Heimdall will delight users who use their computer for both work and play. The shape of this mouse is more ergonomic, which is also suitable for long gaming sessions. Elegant side cutout under the thumb provides grip and comfort. Red color completes the original look. Shaman is a cheaper mouse with a symmetrical design and original backlighting around the main buttons.

We also recommend bringing a mouse pad with you. There are two to choose from. Large Hetland Prime RGB XL model with backlighting and antique armor motif. With RGB lighting, it will attract attention and complement your gaming setup beautifully. The smaller mouse-only version, which features a shield, has the same backlighting.

Genuine Viking accessories from Konix will make your gaming rig stand out.  Illustration 2 Drakkar 1

It wouldn’t be Konix if it didn’t also offer backpacks. Specifically, there are two of us again – Bjorn and Ragnarr. Both backpacks are slightly different. Bjorn is slightly smaller and resembles a briefcase. The matte black exterior is complemented by red details, plenty of pockets and, most importantly, space for a laptop. It’s more of a backpack for carrying around the city, to work and the like. The Ragnarr is now more travel-friendly thanks to its buckles and ergonomic design. It can also fit a 17-inch laptop and the long zippers make access very easy and practical.

Genuine Viking accessories from Konix will make your gaming rig stand out.  illustration3 Drakkar 1

Not travelers? No problem, even for users who spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer, Konix has something. This is a chair mat with a very beautiful design and the Aegishjalmur rune. This is an accessory for true connoisseurs. An original and interesting accessory for lovers of Viking culture.

Genuine Viking accessories from Konix will make your gaming rig stand out.  Illustration 4 Drakkar 1

Other accessories in this set include the Dalkh headphone stand. It doesn’t draw much attention to itself, but your headphones will definitely appreciate not having to sit on your desk. In addition, the stand has RGB lighting and complements the rest of the accessories beautifully.

For laptop owners who, among other things, should buy one of the mentioned backpacks, we have something else. This is the Stormur Cooling Pad. It comes again in black with red illuminated fans. You will find a total of four fans that will help keep the laptop cool. The tablet has articulated legs so you can adjust the angle for a more comfortable typing and gaming experience on your laptop keyboard.

Finally, we have the Solarstenn glasses. These are gaming glasses with yellow lenses that will relieve your eyes when watching the monitor for a long time. Even after prolonged work or play, your eyes will not hurt. The set also includes a practical cleaning cloth and a canvas carrying bag.

Genuine Viking accessories from Konix will make your gaming rig stand out.  Illustration5 Drakkar 1

The range of original accessories from Konix is ​​truly wide, and Viking-themed gaming peripherals are among the most interesting accessories a fan of Norse mythology can buy.

Source :Indian TV

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