Review of the board game Valeria’s Kingdom: The Queen’s Game

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After introducing the Heat board last week, I have another card game for you today. This time it is the card game Valerie’s Kingdom: The Karen Game, the gameplay of which we will look at in more detail in the following paragraphs of this text.

  • Number of players: 15
  • Game time: 30-45 minutes
  • Price: 779 CZK (Alsa)
  • Age: 13+

Valerie’s Kingdom: The Courtship Game will test your ability to choose the right people

The plot of the dice game “Kingdom of Valeria” takes the player to a kingdom surrounded by dangers on all sides. It currently has no ruler, but in order to survive, it needs a leader to take charge of the empire and lead it. The dukes, controlled by the players themselves, “fight” for this role. From the very beginning you take one of them and start playing.

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The game here is primarily based on the idea of ​​combining dice and cards. However, first of all, you will always roll a couple of beautifully crafted dice, which can logically give you two specific values ​​that you then work with and more. Then you will also have their sum available, so in total there are three activations hanging in the air. But what are you activating? You revive your villagers using the numbers you roll, which give the active player different options than those waiting their turn.

This is because everyone’s turn is more or less split, and interaction occurs mostly after the roll, with the active player evaluating one half of the card and the others evaluating the other half. I know this may seem strange, but in practice it works like this, for example, when a Healer card is thrown, it gives the active player three magic points, but the inactive player only gets one. However, no one is left behind, so you’ll never have to face hurt looks from your teammates. In addition, all characters with this number will always be activated, no matter how many of them you have in your deck, which is also magical.Valerie's Kingdom Board Game Review: Valerie's Kingdom 5 Card Game

Once all characters with the given values ​​have been activated, the currently playing player begins the action phase. In total, you can perform one of four actions, which will bring you different benefits. The first is the elimination of monsters. Monsters always form a deck, built from weakest to strongest. To catch them, you will always have to spend a certain amount of force. If you only have one power point and enough magic, it is possible to summon the power of magic. However, under any circumstances, you must use at least one ability, because without it the heroes simply will not be able to go hunting. You’ll then receive a reward for destroying an enemy, as well as victory points at the end of the game, so the hunt is worth it.

The second event is the recruitment of residents. Their range consists of characters from one to twelve. Each of the kingdom’s inhabitants is unique and offers different benefits to the active player and those who are not on the move. The price of the characters is clearly stated. However, when your duchy already has one representative of this card, you must add one coin to the purchase to increase the difficulty of the purchase. But some specializations can give you some pretty crazy bonuses. For example, I once had a pair of champions and the eight came up so often that in the end the power chips gave me twenty victory points. In short, incredible luck.Valerie's Kingdom board game review: Valerie's Kingdom 6 card game

A third proposed alternative is purchasing buildings that offer the player various one-time or permanent abilities during construction. For example, I really liked the structure that gave me the opportunity to return one of the monsters I defeated to my deck for three victory points. Bringing back such an unusually weak goblin was a good deal. You build your settlement using money and cards. In order to implement it, you always need to have certain professions at hand, which will then take care of the space.

The last option offered is choosing a resource, because if you don’t want more villagers, don’t have enough power for the monsters, or the buildings are beyond your means, there’s nothing better than taking what you need for your Next building moves when the dice roll not in your favor. Once you have completed one of the actions, it is time for the next player to go through the same process. The game then ends by depleting some of the available sets, defeating all the monsters, or selling all the estates. In the future, the points will be recalculated, which is also influenced by the duke you choose, because it is he who determines how the points will be calculated in your case. The difficulty of the game itself can be changed with a few other elements, but overall it works without them.Valerie's Kingdom board game review: Valerie's Kingdom 2 card game

Valerie’s Kingdom: Karen’s Game Lets You Enjoy Your Rule

Twenty games into Valeria’s Kingdom are behind us, so it’s time to share my overall impressions. What we will talk about, although this card does not look very ambitious at first glance, it is actually a very interesting thing in which the combination of dice and cards works great, thanks to which it can decently drag you into the game. . As the dice continue to fall to the ground, no one is lazy and everything moves at a decent pace until the end.

Valerie’s Kingdom: Karen’s Game is one of the quality releases that is not as demanding as it might seem at first glance. The game speed is decent, and the replay value itself is high. Scoring can be a challenge for younger players, but older teammates can help. Therefore, I would not be afraid to take on this work.

We would like to thank Czech distributor REXhry for providing us with a copy of Valerie’s Kingdom: Karen’s Game.

Source :Indian TV

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