The creators of the Silent Hill 2 remake heard criticism – INDIA

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The Steam database update was released yesterday. Remake of Silent Hill 2. The admin changed the icon with the main character’s face. As it turns out, Bloober Team and Konami listened to fans’ criticism and changed the face design. James Sunderland.

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The face of the protagonist of the survival horror action game has been criticized since its revelation. Fans were upset by the departure from the original 2001 design. They’re understandably excited about a change that’s closer to the original, and are glad the developers listened to them.

Complaints about James’ likeness are minor given earlier criticism of the action film’s trailer. A remake of Silent Hill 2, created on Unreal Engine 5, apparently more action than the old game. According to the president of the Polish studio Bloober Team, the video does not reflect the spirit of the remake or the original title. So let’s see what the game will look like when it comes out on PC and PlayStation 5. According to the authors, it should be released in the near future.

Which version of Sunderland do you like best? From top to bottom: Latest version (2024), original from remake (2022), and original (2001).

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Source :Indian TV

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