SoLA story expansion for Dead Island 2 released – INDIAN

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Players Dead Island 2 they are invited to a music festival in the second expansion. IN SoLA you find yourself in the heart of Los Angeles, where the psychedelic rhythm wreaks havoc and turns the place into a crater full of decay and blood. You have to prepare for some very scary creatures with their guts gutted out and zombies that can decompose into a disgusting pile of blood, in this state they are immune to damage, and then form elsewhere to continue the fight.

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New legendary weapons like the Ripper are at your disposal. This is a deadly combination of a baseball bat and a circular saw that makes an excellent quartering machine. Conversely, the Sawblade Launcher is a heavy weapon that fires spinning saw blades. It is said to be an ideal weapon for decapitation and dismemberment at a distance.

SoLA is part of the Expansion Pass and sells for 273.19 CZK on the Epic Games Store, 359 CZK on the PS Store (with PS Plus – 323.10 CZK) and Xbox Store for 404.10 CZK. Dead Island 2 with all updates and DLC will be available on Steam from April 22 this year.

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Source :Indian TV

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