Kingdom Come: Deliverance – INDIAN community meeting will be held in Rataji

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In anticipation of today’s announcement of a new game from Warhorse Studios, fans and the city of Rataje nad Sazavou of the six-year-old medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance organized a community meeting in the upper castle of Rataji.

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“Mestis Rataje nad Sazavou, represented by the mayor Mr. Kubat, with the support of the author of the game Warhorse Studio and the support of fans in the person of the streamer SirDoenna, decided to once again prepare an extraordinary event after last year’s success. , namely “KCD Community Meeting” with accompanying program”, written in the press release.

What will the program be? Ready archery competition, to remind you how Jindra felt during his duel with Jan Ptacek. Further second year of the dice tournament, unusual tour to the castle basement and to the roof (not available by default), Paw Camp and other surprises.

For safety reasons, the Archery Tournament is for participants over 18 years of age; you may bring your own bow and arrows, but they will also be available to rent.

“The purpose of the exhibition is to introduce visitors to the history of the city of Rataje at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries by introducing them to the development process of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, introducing characters, environmental concepts, replica weapons. and armor, including the technical aspects that make up the realistic world of the European Middle Ages.” adds press release.

The event will take place at the Rattai nad Sazavou Castle on June 15, 2024 from 13:00. But it is recommended to arrive early and enjoy the surroundings. Visitors will not only have the opportunity to admire the exhibition, but also have a similar experience of Henry himself on his journey through a turbulent country.

Price 300 CZK (12 euros). More details at the Facebook event.

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Source :Indian TV

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