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Independent studio Larian goes against the flow. After success Baldur’s Gate 3 Perhaps any other company would have created paid additional content and immediately started working on the next title. However, in Belgium they said “no” and are leaving. world of Dungeons and Dragonsto create something else.

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Companies do not share this opinion Hasbro And Wizards of the Coast, which owns the Dungeons & Dragons brand. Their VP of Digital Strategy and Licensing would like to continue working on Baldur’s Gate. To this end, he is in talks with a number of partners and others are approaching him to take on the challenge and secure the future of the franchise.

“We certainly hope it’s not another 25 years, like it was with Baldur’s Gate 2 through 3. But we’re going to take our time and find the right partner, the right approach and the right product to represent the future of Baldur’s Gate.” said Eugene Evans in an interview with PC Gamer.

“We take this very, very seriously, as we do all of our portfolio decisions. We are in no rush to decide who we will work with on products or what products we should consider.” Evans noted, adding that Baldur’s Gate 3 has set the bar very high, and the goal is to exceed it.. From my point of view, it won’t be easy. Developers who take on this task face an extraordinary challenge. Fans are right to be worried now.

Consider the words of Sven Wiecke, CEO of Larian Studios, when he announced the departure of Baldur’s Gate and the world of Dungeons & Dragons: “We are a company with big ideas. We are not a company built around developing DLC ​​and expansions. Life is too short and our ambitions are too great.” Vincke reported for IGN. What new things are they planning? May be return to the flagship Divinity seriesor they will surprise and show something completely different, which no one expects from them now.

“Baldur’s Gate will always be in our hearts. We will always be proud of this streak, but we will not continue it.” he added, saying that the Wizards of the Coast would have to find someone to carry the torch. She has already managed to come to an agreement with Gameloft about development. adventure survival game from the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Collaboration from this fantasy world, they are preparing again in Starbreeze, where Payday was created.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was released on August 3, 2023 on PC, followed by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The role-playing game has won numerous awards as the best game of the year and has a score of 10/10 in our review.

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