Dying Light 2 will be a much tougher game with new difficulty – INDIAN

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Run around the world at night Dying Light 2: Stay Human especially difficult for new players, but veterans can cope with this task. Polish studio Techland has prepared a new difficulty for them.

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Nightmare Mode will provide the most challenging Dying Light 2 experience yet, building on the same difficulty as the first Dying Light and requiring players to focus and be extremely careful. So what awaits you? Nightmare buffs enemies, weakens support items, and slows stamina regeneration. To top it off, it removes most of the UI elements. Instead of markers in the HUD, you’ll have to rely on your eyes and ears.

The use of some gadgets, such as boosters, is more tactical in nature and requires a certain amount of caution on the part of the player. The same goes for endurance. Considering that they will be more brutal enemies. the consequences of exhaustion are more serious.

Last but not least, pursuit and escape methods have been improved. Now scarier and more intense. The developers then borrowed from Dying Light 1 flashing flashlight. The community wanted a lot here.

If you think that in co-op the Nightmare will still be lying on the beach, then this is not so. Here everything is the other way around. Fights are rated as very demanding. They require good cooperation and communication when defeating the toughest of enemies. Completing the game on this crazy difficulty will reward you with a unique outfit.

Nightmare is coming to Dying Light 2 in its latest update today, April 18th. A large story expansion and other patches are planned for this year. The previous ones added, for example, firearms and more brutal battles.

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Source :Indian TV

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