Additional documents confirm the functionality of the PlayStation 5 Pro. Sony has asked developers to start preparing their games for PS5 Pro – INDIAN

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Fourth Anniversary PlayStation 5 Sony plans to decorate with the release of a more powerful model. ABOUT PS5 Pro there are a number of assumptions and assumptions that have given a more realistic picture. Today, thanks to The Verge, we can build it completely.

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Tom Warren has obtained several documents with hardware specifications and other details about the new console. This information is provided to developers, who can ask Sony to send them a development kit (a development version of the console).

Before laying out all the important details, the Japanese corporation should ask developers to optimize their games for the PlayStation 5 Pro. Sony expects all games submitted for certification starting in August/August to be compatible with PS5 Pro. This timeline assumes the PS5 Pro will launch in the fall.

One thing is important. As with the PS4 Pro, the two consoles will co-exist. It won’t happen that a game won’t work on PS5 and will only be exclusive to the Pro model. However, a more powerful console must use its power to best experience. The focus is on improved ray tracing capabilities and usage. PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution to achieve higher resolution or frame rates using artificial intelligence.

It is assumed that the update is intended for developers. easy, similar to PS4 Pro. Sony will require developers to use a special graphics mode with resolution upscaling to 4K using PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR for short). Additionally, it should reach a stable 60fps and have added or improved ray tracing effects.

Games that qualify for one of the following enhancements can be marked with the PS5 Pro Enhanced sticker:

  • Higher target resolution for games that run at a fixed resolution on a standard console.
  • Increased target resolution for games that run at variable resolution on a standard console.
  • Increased the target frame rate for games that use a fixed frame rate on a standard console.
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