Take-Two is going to present a continuation of the Mafia series – INDIAN

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According to unofficial information, the company began Take-Two Interactive preparation for announcements regarding TV series Mafia. He claims that user Kourakasis who previously reported on Subway Wake, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Marvel’s 1943: Rise of Hydra.

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He currently doesn’t know the time frame. However, in the case of Judas, the preparation of the trailer took approximately three to four weeks. So we won’t have to wait that long for the announcement. Although it is possible that Take-Two will save the announcement for a larger presentation. They will take place in June.

A new “Mafia” has been approved for the 20th anniversary of the gangster series. This was written at the end of August 2022. Then the general director of the Czech branch of the Hangar 13 studio, Roman Hladik, said that they had begun work on a completely new Mafia project.

“While this is still several years away and we can’t say anything more at this time, we are thrilled to continue working on this popular series and entertaining our players with new stories.” he added then.

Since then, the official side has remained silent. A year ago, the new Mafia was first mentioned in a job posting when the studio was looking for a lead AI designer. This included pre-production, Unreal engine 5 And Thrilling transition between stealth and combat. The gameplay should be more linear, which is in line with the concept of the first two Mafia games, while the third one will be open world.

In 2022, interesting information appeared. In their opinion, there should be a new Mafia prequel The story takes place in Sicily in the 1930s. It is reported that the story will be dedicated to young Don Salierioh, that is, the head of the Salieri crime family, for whom the main character of the first “Mafia” and the remake, Tommy Angelo, works. The main character of the prequel must become one of the loyal members of this mafia family and help them take control of the city.

Meanwhile, Hangar 13 returned to the series TopSpin.

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