The new Mafia will be revealed in the coming weeks

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According to a well-known insider with the nickname Kourakasis Take-Two Interactive is preparing to announce a new part of the Mafia series. According to the insider, this could be due to the presentation of the game occur in approximately 3-4 weeks. Kourakasis has recently reported ahead on games like Metro Awakening, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Marvel’s 1943: Rise of Hydra or Judas. While these are just speculations at this point, they are not to be taken lightly.

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This is not the first news indicating the imminent arrival of a new mafia. The first hints appeared back in May 2022, when rumors spread that Mafia 4 will be a prequel to the entire series, which will take place at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. From a plot point of view, the rise of Don Salieri should play an important role. At least a partial deployment to Sicily was also mentioned.

Further snippets were subsequently revealed in March last year when we learned from an advertisement that the development was in pre-production stages. It was also revealed that the game will most likely run on Unreal Engine 5. The development is the same as in the case of Mafia 3. take place in the studio Hangar 13, which has branches in Brno, Prague, Brighton, England, and Novato, California. The studio is currently finishing the tennis game TopSpin 2K25, which will be released next week.

Source :Indian TV

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