Invincible series creator raises money to create game – INDIA

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Popular animated series about superheroes Invincible can have its own AAA video game. Author of the series Robert Kirkman from Skybound asked fans to support the adaptation of the game. This idea may be very tempting for them. The game will be overseen by Kirkman himself, who co-wrote the original comic and executive produced the adult series, which is being created in collaboration with Skybound and Amazon.

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The game will be created by Skybound’s own team. from more than 30 participants consists of developers Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Epic Games and AMZ Games. The studio is led by Chris Paulson and Patrick Gilmore. The goal is to raise $5 million. Although the first milestone was aimed at 50 thousand dollars. At the time of writing, $451,310 has been raised. The company previously raised $18 million from investors and fans.

“Skybound is developing a high-production, high-octane bloodbath that’s anything but indie.” the company writes on its crowdfunding page. “If you’ve watched the series, you can imagine what to expect from this video game: tons of action, amazing game and character design, and of course, a lot of blood.”

The label suggests live service. It mentions online multiplayer and the constant addition of content through DLC and expansions. It should be noted that 30 developers is a lot for an AAA game. These games are usually created by teams of hundreds of developers.

Invincible will be the first of many games they want to create at Skybound under their own brands, including the walking Dead. By the way, the series “Invincible” is so successful that two more seasons have been confirmed.

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Source :Indian TV

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