MMORPG World of Warcraft received a VR modification

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World of Warcraft has been with us for twenty long years, during which this MMORPG is constantly in one form or another of development. A number of fans have been asking for VR to be added to the game since Friday. Almost ten years later, their dream has come true thanks to the hard work of the creators of Streetrat and Marulu. You can enjoy a game world with a floating UI, full occlusion, various VR accessories and most of all motion controls, because who doesn’t want to walk around Azeroth, right? To keep the game from being too confusing, you have the option to choose between a first-person and a third-person view, which is mainly used for raids.

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You can play World of Warcraft on PC. If you are interested in the modification itself, you have the opportunity to get it here.

Source :Indian TV

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