Kick your socks off your sandals, the fashion police are coming – Fashion Dreamer – INDIAN

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Fashion Dreamer is definitely not your typical game. At least it’s not the typical game I’d play in my free time. In fact, this entire review is based on a bet Terka and I made at Gamescom last year. But to be honest, I’m happy about it in the finale. Having played two great RPGs, I got my hands on an enjoyable recreational game that, thanks to it being a Switch exclusive, I can take out for coffee and enjoy a simple game with a few complex options after a long time. But what if you’re looking for a game with a clear objective? Then Fashion Dreamer is probably not for you.

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It’s quite difficult to rate Fashion Dreamer. This is a fashion dress up game. Your goal is to navigate the 3D virtual world of EVE, where you strive to become the most influential person and fashion icon. You achieve this by recommending the best clothes to NPCs.

The game has no plot. Once you reach 10,000 subscribers, you will run out of titles, but you can continue until you reach a million subscribers. But if you’re expecting special events like openings, workshops, shows or talks, you can forget about it. This is very disappointing. I can imagine competing against NPCs or other players where I would have to create an outfit with a theme and have others judge it for me. Or in the end I would create a whole collection.

So the game loop is relatively simple and, in my opinion, designed to be played over shorter sections. How else to start than by creating your character? It’s a shame that while you have quite a large wardrobe to choose from, creating a character isn’t all that difficult. At the same time, it’s not because I’m used to, for example, the recently reviewed Rise of the Ronin, a lot of modification of hair and body parts. But overall the game doesn’t have much to offer. I could completely forget about the beard. But it lacks an even greater effect on height, weight or muscle mass. All the characters in the ending look like ordinary anime characters. Taller and slimmer. At the same time, the possibility of creating clothes for fat or fatheads could be interesting and could make the entire gameplay loop special.

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