Stellar Blade focuses on three bosses and supporting characters – INDIAN

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As the release date approaches, we’ll learn more about Star Blade. This fast and furious action features three bosses and supporting characters covered in separate videos. They follow a video dedicated to the main character.

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If you played demo version, so two bosses out of three won’t surprise you. The winged Naytiba appeared in the first stage and boasted exceptional speed. The other, Stalker, can be fought in Boss Challenge mode, which is unlocked after completing the demo. Both are classified as alpha bosses. Now we only see the third one. The wheel-shaped head is impressive..

At Shift Up Studios, they wanted to create enemy monsters that were intentionally creepy and unsettling. That’s why they have no eyes and strange faces. You can watch them in the video above.

In the battle against an unknown entity powerful enough to destroy humanity, they will help us. Takhy, Lily And Adam. Tahi is the commander of the 7th Airborne Division, who puts all his experience and combat skills at the disposal of the main character to help her survive. Lily is a young but brilliant technician who will use her talents to upgrade Eva’s equipment beyond what the protagonist will acquire during the campaign.

Adam, who roams the wasteland, also plays an important role. It is Adam who takes us to Zion, the last city on Earth. With the help of Adam and later engineer Lily, Eve vows to continue her mission: complete elimination of naybov.

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Source :Indian TV

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