New bosses and terrifying creatures in the second expansion of Remnant 2 – INDIAN

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Survival shooter with positive ratings Remainder 2released less than a year ago, will soon receive a second part Forgotten Kingdom. Following The Mad King, players will piece together the forgotten history of the lost Yaesha tribe and attempt to quell the vengeful wrath of an ancient stone spirit called Lydusa.

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New storyline, new dungeons and new locations. A new archetype called defiant, who draws the power of Yaesha’s nature spirits and can harness the mystical power of the jungle. We will learn more about it next week.

A number of new items, powerful weapons and mods have been confirmed. You will definitely need this equipment fight new bosses and terrifying creatures. “Mysterious threats and survivors of unknown origin emerge from the crumbling remains of the forgotten civilization of Yaesha, creating new challenges for all players.” developers warn.

Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom will be released on April 23 this year. It will be sold separately for 10 euros. This is also part of the 25 euro package. The package can be purchased in digital stores and was received by owners of the Ultimate edition.

The latest addition will arrive later this year. But at the moment we don’t know what they will focus on.

“Remnant 2 does everything the game sets out to do. It’s an enjoyable FPS/RPG hybrid that builds on the solid foundations of the first title without losing its personality. This is a great and fun game that you can play repeatedly and always a little differently, alone, with friends or strangers online and, in short, enjoy a great atmosphere, amazing music and an overall enjoyable dopamine gameplay experience. It’s just a pity that the optimization is worse and there are several graphical flaws” you can read in our review.

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Source :Indian TV

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