Continuation of the arctic story of Nuna and the fox. Never Alone 2 will focus on two-player gaming – INDIAN

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2014’s successful snow adventure Never Alone brought the interesting story of Noona and a fox wandering the frozen tundra. Less than ten years later, we received the announcement of a sequel. It remains centered on the aforementioned couple and is again inspired by Alaska Native myths and stories about the real-life Alaskan Inupiaq people. But there is a difference. Never Lonely 2 will take place in co-op, either on one computer or online.

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“Players will journey through the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness with Noona and her spirit companion, the fox, while uncovering a new mystery that threatens the entire community.” attract developers. We will explore varied environments, from harsh frozen tundra to forested valleys filled with ancient willow which we walk through a beautifully realized landscape full of wonders.

“Together you will journey through this wilderness, commune with spirits, and learn how Alaska Natives have survived and thrived for over 10,000 years in one of the most rugged and breathtaking places in the world.” they deliver and celebrate number one success. The original Never Alone played almost 15 million playerswon a BAFTA award and was included in more than 75 best games of the year lists.

In the meantime, watch a short preview. Never Alone 2 is in development for PC and will be released via Steam. If you haven’t played number one, you can fix it. The game was released on computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as on iOS and Android mobile phones.

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Source :Indian TV

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