The Dead Space series is back on ice. New ideas are not given the green light – INDIA

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Remake of the popular Survival Horror. Dead space she succeeded. The remake was approved by both players and journalists. So will we see a sequel in the future? Well-known journalist Jeff Grubb brought disappointing news for fans of engineer Isaac Clarke. They were subsequently rejected by EA and Jason Schreier joined them.

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According to Jeff Grubb of Motive Studios, they were working on a remake of Dead Space 2. The project was supposed to be in the concept stage, but was canceled/postponed due to poor sales of the first part. Currently at Motive, it’s focused on a story-driven, single-player action-adventure game starring iron Man And the future of the Battlefield series.

Publishers don’t often respond to speculation. But this time Electronic Arts intervened and told the American IGN that this information was not based on the truth. But what they didn’t say is that Grubb isn’t the one playing in the story.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier was more forthcoming. At Motive, they spent several months brainstorming ideas for a new Dead Space title, but none of them got the green light from EA and they failed before they could move forward. Apparently they wanted to create in Motive brand new episode. Another possibility was a remake of these two. Neither one nor the other happened. This is partly due to the fact that Dead Space remake reportedly failed to meet internal goals. A small number of developers had already started trying other ideas last spring, while most of the team working on Dead Space had moved on to other projects.

How’s Dead Space doing? Sci-fi horror series must be back on the ice. All sources agree on this. We’re only learning about this now, with the official announcement that Motive is participating in Battlefield alongside Iron Man.

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Source :Indian TV

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