Konix has prepared a set of original gaming accessories for anime fans

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Gaming accessories manufacturer Konix isn’t afraid to create special editions. In the past, he has presented, for example, computer accessories with UFC motifs. A new batch of backpacks, mice and cases will delight anime fans. If you’ve ever seen Naruto, My Hero Academia, Boruto or Jujutsu Kaisen, you’ll definitely pick one.

Let’s start with probably the most famous one. You may have fallen in love with Naruto’s adventures and his childhood dream of becoming Hokage. This Japanese manga has been published since 1999, and the Naruto: Shippuden anime aired on television until 2017. You can celebrate the series’ 700+ episodes with a stylized edition from Konix. For example, a Nintendo Switch case with the design of Naruto or Kakashi himself. Both cases are compatible with all versions of the Nintendo Switch and will reliably protect the console during transport.

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For PC gamers, there is a mouse pad with characters from Akakuki. The rugs have a pleasant finish, they are smooth and made of fabric that is pleasant to the touch. The chair mat in the design of the iconic Kage Bushin No Jutsu also goes well with this mat. You will have several Naruto clones on the ground to prevent the chair from scratching the floor.

Konix has prepared a set of original gaming accessories illustration 2 Konix anime 1 for anime fans

For console players, there is a Switch controller that is also PC compatible. A stylish backpack will complement everything.

If you can’t wait to see the continuation of famous stories, be sure to purchase a series of accessories with Boruto motifs. Naruto’s son has earned his rightful place in the manga, and you can choose between two Switch cases.

My Hero Academia comes with beautiful blue backpacks in two designs. Not only are they beautiful to look at, whatever you choose, they also offer plenty of space. For an idea, you can put a 17-inch laptop in a larger one, for which there is a special compartment right inside the backpack. In addition, there are many pockets around it. Keys, a drink bottle or a wallet can be placed on its side. We also have to mention the awesome Himiko Toga and Villains vs Heroes themed Nintendo Switch cases.

Konix has prepared a set of original gaming accessories illustration 3 Konix anime 1 for anime fans

Mouse pads are also available. The large XXL size is a piece of art that is a must have for fans of this anime. Here we can find most of the main characters, including Izuku Midoriya. A more compact area directly under the mouse will also find its fans. There’s also a stylish My Hero Academia themed controller.

Konix has prepared a set of original gaming accessories illustration 4 Konix anime 1 for anime fans

Finally, we have a trio of Jujutsu Kaisen accessories. This is a new manga or anime that is gaining popularity. But now fans can treat themselves to little things that will remind them of the adventures of Yuji Itadori. Specifically, these are two Nintendo Switch cases and one medium-sized mouse pad. Again, Konix will satisfy both PC gamers and Nintendo console owners.

Konix has prepared a set of original gaming accessories illustration 5 Konix anime 1 for anime fans

Konix provides anime viewers and manga readers with a wide variety of products. So you will have to choose accessories not only based on the anime, but also on the characters and the design itself. For example, the controllers themselves, set to a combination of blue and red or white and orange, will interest even players who watch less anime.

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