The Fallout series is receiving rave reviews

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Yesterday, the Fallout series premiered on the Prime Video streaming platform. Serial reworking of a famous gaming brand presented by Amazon and directed by Jonathan Nolan you can get mostly positive reactions and ratings in the first reviews. Outright enthusiastic reactions are no exception.

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For example, the famous magazine IGN gave the ten-episode series a rating of 9/10 with a note that, together with The Last of Us, it The best adaptation of a video game series ever. The fact that this is not the only such opinion is evidenced, for example, by the rating of 93% on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Of course, they also strive for knowledge. less positive reviews for example, The Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone, whose ratings reached 50%. However, such answers are still in the minority. It is also worth noting that even before the premiere of the series, there were conversations about the preparation of a second season, the creation of which, probably, should not be hindered by anything significant in the case of a positive reception and a good audience.

Source :Indian TV

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