An Australian Fallout called Broken Roads has been released.

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Developers Drop Bear Bytes have released Broken Roads, an isometric RPG that takes players to post-apocalyptic Australia. Authors have no way before publication they didn’t hide their inspiration from the original Fallout series or games like Wasteland and Disco Elysium. In addition to the post-apocalyptic setting, isometric projection and emphasis on the plot, studio representatives also attracted attention before the release. presence of moral choicewhich were supposed to influence the direction of the narrative and the fate of individual characters.

Despite the high expectations placed on the game, especially by fans of classic RPGs, Broken Roads has lived up to its expectations so far. received a mixed reception. A rating of 58% on Metacritic and 28% on Steam is definitely not something the developers can be proud of. Criticisms include, for example, the handling of combat, the lackluster plot, and the generally poorly thought out mechanics. On the contrary, the mentioned system of moral choice is often mentioned in the pros.

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Broken Roads is available on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles for 30 euros. You can watch the launch trailer above in the preview.

Source :Indian TV

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