Blizzard returns to China

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Games from Blizzard will begin to appear again in China this summer. This will happen thanks to a new publishing agreement with a Chinese company. NetEase. The latter has not paid since the end of January last year; the giants parted on bad terms. However, Microsoft has also stepped up to the plate in talks to restore the relationship.

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“We are extremely grateful for the passion that the Chinese community has had for Blizzard games over the years, and we are focused on returning our universes to players in great shape,” says the new Blizzard President. Joanna Faris.

“We celebrate our partnership and are excited to begin the next chapter based on trust and mutual respect,” NetEase also looks to the future through the director. William Dean.

The deal applies to games as before. World of Warcraft And home and episode titles War Craft, Diablo, Overwatch And Star Craft. With the exception of the mobile Diablo Immortal, which was worked on directly by NetEase, these games were not played by Chinese players last year.

In addition to bringing Blizzard games back to China, Microsoft has also agreed with NetEase to bring some of the Chinese publisher’s future games to the Xbox console.

Source :Indian TV

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