In Aquapark Tycoon you can build your own water paradise – INDIAN

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Fans of tycoon games can look forward to this addition. Boxelware, a German independent space simulation studio. Avorionboasted of development Waterpark Tycoon. In it, you’ll build and manage an aquatic paradise full of water slides, pools, and wellness centers.

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According to the developers, the game will bring a unique combination of creativity, strategic planning and park management, offering players the opportunity to design, build and manage their own water parks. There will be more than 10 types of pools and saunas to choose from. Everything will be customizable, including the temperature and humidity in the wellness area, to suit the needs of individual groups of guests. from teenagers and families to seniors.

Seasonal amenities such as cool pools in the summer and heated pools and saunas in the winter will be essential to success. Optimizing financial and personnel aspects and solving problems according to prepared scenarios will also fall on your shoulders. Or set personal goals in sandbox mode.

Aquapark Tycoon will be released on PC in 2025.

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Source :Indian TV

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