JDM: Rise of the Scorpion will be a free introduction to the world of drifting – INDIAN

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The idol of every racer from the Need for Speed: Underground and Carbon era was created in Poland. The local Gaming Factory studio has been developing the game for a long time. JDM: Japanese Drift Master, which takes you to Japan, the drifting capital of the world, where you’ll compete and race through miles of varied roads and twisty mountain roads. With the money you win, you will buy new cars and get acquainted with the Japanese style of tuning.

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JDM: Japan Drift Master impressed players during the Steam Festival demo. The full version will be released later this year for PC. In the third quarter we will see a free extended prologue called JDM: Scorpio Rising. In it we will experience history Hatori “Scorpio” Hasashi, comes from a traditional Japanese family and is an exemplary student with a rebellious streak. His parents have high demands on him and have taught him that every defeat is a stain on his honor. He takes these rules to the racetrack, where his arrogance causes him to despise anyone who questions his abilities.

In the prologue, we are introduced to characters such as Aoi, Hatori’s girlfriend, a car enthusiast who is always by his side. There’s also Ayumi, a rich friend from private school who often accompanies him to the races. Kaori, a creative soul, works in a nearby paint shop. Satoru, who becomes a source of intense competition for Scorpio on the track.

According to the authors, this is just an introduction to the story, which is presented in the form of manga panels and will connect the two games, because JDM: Japan Drift Master will focus on Foreigners, who wants to establish himself in the Japanese drifting scene. That Hatori and the stranger will become rivals? Or maybe friends?

We must look forward dynamic weather, which adds an element of unpredictability to racing. Sudden downpours, thick fog or bright sunny days not only change the appearance of the game world, but also affect the characteristics of the cars. There is also a cycle of day and night. Driving under the cover of darkness, under the lights of local shops or at dawn will be a completely different experience and challenge.

In the prologue there will be only one fast car, the potential of which we will gradually reveal. In JDM: Japan Drift Master there will be more of them and we will be able to modify and improve them in various ways. By the way, you can find pictures from the full version on the game tab.

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