Microsoft has created a team to protect and preserve games

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Sarah Bond, President Xbox, has created a new team dedicated to protecting and preserving current and legacy games. As such, this reflects growing concerns about the trend of games being removed from digital stores, with games increasingly not being released on physical media. The information was provided by Windows Central magazine.

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“Game preservation is important to everyone at Xbox and the industry as a whole. Building on our rich history of backwards compatibility, we remain committed to bringing the great library of Xbox games to the next generation of gamers,” Bond wrote in an email to employees.

Microsoft will ban purchases from the Xbox 360 store section this year, but hundreds of games from this generation are available on Xbox One and Series through the aforementioned backwards compatibility. The tech giant plans to develop this further in the future.

This isn’t the only new team in Microsoft Gaming. We learned about the Xbox Experiences and Platforms team a few days ago. Another change is the departure of a longtime vice president. Karim Choudhury and moving the artificial intelligence team to the hardware department.

Source :Indian TV

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