Game Story documentary series airs Saturday

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Tomorrow, Saturday, April 6, Czech television will launch the documentary series Game Story, which tells the story of the creation of the most famous Czech video games, which are not only important for us, but have also achieved global significance. The director of the series is Stepan Vodrazka, the trailer can be viewed now.

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In 10 episodes of approximately 15 minutes, the series will tell about the creation of the very first Czech games, from legendary games such as Operation Flashpoint or Machinarium to the present day, such as Euro Truck Simulator, Beat Saber or Factorio. Game Story not only offers commentary from leading figures in the Czech gaming industry such as Daniel Vavra, Marek Španel or Jakub Dvorský, but also reminders of the technology of the time, starting with the 8-bit ZX Spectrum computer.

“Viewers are not necessarily active computer game players,” says series playwright Martin Nowosad in a press release. “For those less interested, this is an opportunity to experience gaming from a slightly different perspective, as well as meet many talented individuals from the Czech Republic who have been able to make their mark on a huge international competition. On the contrary, fans will discover many interesting connections in him that they may not have known about.”

Producers Jakub Jira and Marek Nowak came up with the idea for the documentary series Game Story: “In the beginning there was nostalgia, memories of steaming old games, devouring gaming magazines and fascination with game worlds that were incredibly developed. The Czech gaming scene is a big name in the world, and we realized that its stories have not yet been explored in detail here. That’s why we decided to make a documentary series, GAME STORY.”

When both producers approached director Vodrazek, he immediately jumped at the opportunity as a player: “I didn’t think twice about it, because ever since my uncle brought us an old 286 and installed Prince of Persia on it, games have been with me all my life,” He stated this in an interview with ČT. “It was not only an opportunity to look back at your favorite games, but to relive the last thirty years.”

The documentary series Game Story will be available completely free of charge on the iVyszílě portal tomorrow from 16:00.

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